Major Domus Multi-Family Office

Major Domus is dedicated to helping families professionally establish, structure and grow their family capital.

Typically this starts with global balance sheet structuring around financial and estate planning, followed by investment charter and family council design, finishing with adoption of investment banking custodians and asset allocation. Most families will then have a dedicated Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and an Investment Analyst to curate and execute deal flow and manage the balance sheet to family goals.

Major Domus provides the outsourced CIO to families that do not wish to maintain an employed team with its associated costs, realising the cost and strategic advantages of a multi-family office investment and deal team.

Single Family Offices (SFO’s), typically with an investment manager and other professional adviser, also partner with Major Domus as a conduit for co-investment, deal analysis, source of capital, risk reduction, and idea generation.

Family and Business Advisory

Defining and establishing of a family governance framework and family business management framework where warranted. Sourcing solutions for the family business such as cross-border structuring and introducing investment partners.

Investment Services

Our families have access to all areas of our expertise and skill sets including Asset Consultancy, Investment Consultancy and Portfolio Management. Our focus is on developing the most cost and risk effective investment configuration.

Personal Services

Ancillary but not subordinate to our family business and investment advisory team, we provide services which assist families with concierge & administration services alongside priority access to cost effective luxury services including luxury travel solutions for our family members.


Videos produced 2017, Hong Kong office