Formal dinner

Ray Warhola, chief operating officer of Major Domus, along with his wife, Gail joined ICM ( International Care Ministries) at their annual Hong Kong Banquet held last October 17, 2017.

To celebrate ICM’s journey on the fight against poverty and their plans for the future, an annual donation drive to alleviating the lives of the ultra poor. This year’s banquet raised a grand total of USD$1.8m. The amount raised at this year’s banquet represents 21% of ICM’s annual budget of HK$67m.

Ray and Gail Warhola attended this event as ambassadors to one of ICM’s main advocacies, the empowerment of children living in ultra poverty. As ICM ambassadors, they advocate for ICM in their workplaces, churches and friendship groups.


Passionate, generous, strategic and dedicated, as ambassadors, they also host events, connect ICM to companies and foundations and act as fundraisers for ICM’s programs. Visit their website for more information about ICM and becoming an ICM ambassador.