Major Domus staff

Major Domus attends the first Independent Wealth Management Forum held in Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong last November 16.

An all-day event made for the Independent wealth management community in Hong Kong, its main agenda was to provide a space for the independent wealth management community to discuss the current positioning, role, opportunities, and challenges that the independent wealth management community faces at present. With the ever-present growth expected in the years to come, many value the distinction of a differentiated approach in the form of genuinely independent advice but many might feel restricted in what they can do for their clients within the current environment.

The forum included several panel discussions headed by prominent individuals in the field as well as a varied pool of presentations that covered many of the issues the wealth management community faces today. Some of the issues that were explored were the needs for a more clarified business model, fee models, the search for more clients, attracting competent and experienced private bankers, and professionals; and offering appealing private investment prospects to clients. Aside from this, there were presentations and open discussions on the burden of regulation for the smaller independent firms, the use of more friendly digital tools, custody options and the re-assessment of custodian expectations.

This event was created by Hubbis, an organization that focuses on the Asian wealth management industry and the production of high-quality, localized content that is practical and independent.