Major Domus logo with text "Courses, Seminars"On the 8th of February, Marc Geary, Managing Director of Major Domus heads a course on the evolution of the family office for courses and seminars, “Evolution of the Family Office”.A short course on the history of the family office concept in Hong Kong and China. This course was made in response to the growing popularity of the family office. It discusses the changes in the structure of the family office; distinctly, private offices that have adapted to meet a variety of different needs of the evolving clientele. It also covers its growth and evolution across the jurisdictional, legal and regulatory definitions focuses on the scalability between single family offices and virtual family offices

Marc Geary, as managing director of Major Domus also shares his personal experience and insights on family offices. Marc Geary currently holds a Master’s degree in finance and a Masters’ degree in business law and was nominated for ‘Best Family Office Offering 2014’ by Private Banker International.

As managing director of Major Domus, he has had a hand in the Major Domus Family Office opening in New York and the management of their present shares in AirBnB, Spotify, Lyft and Palantir. The ’10 minute family office’ case study will be used to bring to surface both strategy and fiduciary issues faced by families’ wanting to build their family capital platform.

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