Marc Geary speaking as part of a panel

Marc Geary of Major Domus joins the IAM & Family Offices Leaders Conversation in an event hosted by the Asian Private Banker last June 29, 2017. Held at the Mandarin Oriental, APB has brought together leaders of select Family Offices alongside the increasingly significant independent asset managers community. This event focused on a debate and examination of key client opportunities and growth inhibitors in the wealth management industry in Asia.

Marc Geary discussed how IAM’s are grappling with dented investor confidence in Asia. Alongside their private banking peers, they face similar struggles with advising clients to reduce cash allocations, diversify fixed income and risk equities the macro environment remains benign.

In this particular discussion, the leaders’ panel discussed different offerings on how to grapple with such challenges, as well offer their personal views on client environment and trends in personal regional investment.