caremin MJD photoThe International Care Ministries is an organization that serves to help all those who live in unspeakable poverty. Founded in 1992, they continue to transform the lives of the ultra poor in the Philippines through multiple programs in partnership with community leaders from thousands of slum communities. One of their main programs, Transform, responds to the challenges those living at the bottom of the economic ladder.It seeks a total life transformation through a multi-disciplinary approach addressing four key assets in the climb out of poverty

Hope for a better future 

Essential education and training

An encouraging environment of support

And Resources to equip change.

In this 16-week program, thirty people are invited by a partner pastor to join a weekly Values, Health and Livelihood (VHL) training course which are headed by ICM trainers. There are also six available volunteer counsellors to offer a one-on-one support to the participants, who venture out to try new businesses and implement the new health and relationship strategies they have learned.  At the end of 16 weeks, participants are able to enjoy deeper family relationships, healthier children and greater household income.

Four months after Transform, ICM’s participants experience a 101% increase in household income, a 28% decrease in those with serious illness and a 36% decrease in those in need of food. Three years on after the conclusion of Transform, the drastic positive changes in these people’s lives continue to lead them to more chances to fight poverty giving them hope for a better future.